Dr.Michael Steiner performed a very harmful, painful procedure on my eyes, claiming it would "help" me.

It left me in excruciating pain with scarring and lacerations running through my eye into my facial nerves. This has caused me so much anguish and misery and I have intense pain where no pain existed before this procedure. He billed my insurance over $1,200 for this and claimed it was "medically necessary". I have to cover my eye now because it looks as though someone assaulted my eye and left it bloody and red.

He told me it was a safe procedure and it would help me and I believed him. He was lying just to get money from my insurance. I am left having to take pain meds for this just to exist. He lied and said I'd have no veins in my eye but instead have too many to count that are burning and stinging with fierce pain continually.

I trusted the wrong doctor and will never be the same again.This doctor Michael STeiner is a butcher.


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This "review" explains absolutely nothing at all.I think the *** that posted it needs to be educated on how reviews should be written.

You provide no explanation as to what happened, why, or what you attempted to do to rectify it.



Everett, Washington, United States #791683

My mom just had eye surgery by Michael Steiner a lower and upper eye lift.He claimed it wouldn't hurt gave her one Vicodin she felt every slice and stitch.

She was screaming it hurt and he wouldn't stop and give her more medicine.I pray she has no long term effects since she looks butchered.


My eyes are butchered from this monster, Dr.M.

Steiner of Burien WA. Treats his patients like pieces of meat, not at all a caring doctor or any type of human being at all.

He is rude, mean, aloof, and does not give patient's any significant inch of respect.I really hope something will be done to him also because he should not be in business anymore.

Seattle, Washington, United States #738867

Wow, you posted this awhile ago.I can't believe this horrible doctor is still in business.

I hope something will be done about him. He doesn't seem to care anything about his patients except for the income we supplied for him!

He is rude, impolite, and uncaring!Enough said!


Dr. Michael Steiner of Burien, WA has an affinity for harming patient's eyeballs, I also was brutally harmed and hence left in dire pain by this greedy, diabolical lying physician. Cannot feel anything but burning/nerve damage in my eye after being led astray by Michael Steiner, steer clear of horrific person.

to portia #667631

What kind of doctor was this? What exactly did he do to you? Sounds like a real quack and I really don't trust hardly any doctors these days but this guy sounds like he went all Jodi Arias on your eye.

Bellevue, Washington, United States #653184

Michael steiner is a dangerous doctor, bad skills, frankly no skills relating to cosmetic surgery of any kind. Left my eye in dire pain, left me looking horrific, like I was in a battle or as some type of crime victim. He is evil and truly narcisstic.


have scars burroughing through my eye from this unskilled, unqualified doctor who held a laser type probe and bludgeoned the tissue and surface of my eye. This burns and causes me extreme pain daily with constant piercing into the nerves of my face. Michael Steiner is a very horrible doctor, unskilled and not qualified to do any type of cosmetic work.


Thankfully this isn't the Dr.Michael Steiner in Australia.

He was my eye doctor from the time I was 15 years old and he is wonderful. Took me through glasses to contacts onto finally laser surgery. When I move to Austria I waited for a trip back to Australia, just to see him rather than find an eye surgeon here.

He doesn't do plastic surgery.

Feel sorry to all you folk in the US who obviously got an inept namesake clone.So lets not get these 2 doctors mixed up :) anyone doing research on the Aussie doctor

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